Braces. Brace yourselves!

    Hi guys! Todays' post is going to bit a bit different, as I will talk to you about getting braces and how that can change your life. I believe that this is a beauty-related topic because, of course, a beautiful and healthy smile matters a lot. If you ever thought about getting braces and never had the courage or you want to know what to expect when you get them you should read this, my own experience, which started a year ago!
    Before I got braces I had to get all the cavities & stuff done, I had to have a scaling done (they brush and clean the spaces in between your teeth very good etc, it's not painful) and after that I got pictures and X-rays and my orthodontist took a 3D model of my teeth so she can see from where she started and how the treatment is going. After that she put some elastics in between my molars to make some space for the rings that were going to be put in there. This phase hurt just a bit, it was more like a sensitivity.
    When I finally got my braces my teeth hurt for about 2 weeks. I couldn't eat anything solid, hard, etc. I was practically living on soup, mashed potatoes, yogurt..stuff like that. I was happy when the pain passed and I could eat again. Of course there are some restrictions like chewy candy because it gets stuck on the braces and it's annoying but nothing too major. I had to get an interdental brush and use it everyday. You can't clean your teeth good enough without one.
    Every month I have to go to for adjustments when they remove the little elastics and wires and put new ones. I usually get them coloured, each month a different colour, just so I don't get bored :P there are clear elastics, too, but they get yellow in time because of the food and drinks etc. 
    I got used to having braces and I love seeing the changes as the months pass by but I must say I can't wait to see my teeth again, without any parts of metal on them..
    I will get some photos up soon so you can see the changes so far. It is totally worth it and I would advise anyone to go for it because there are a lot of options today and some of them are practically invisible if you don't feel comfortable about it. I don't care if people think I'm too old to have braces, I have friends who got them at 27 yo or more and I just think about the moment I'll get them off and have a beautiful smile :) I don't know if I forgot to mention something, but if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them :) Sorry if this was a boring post but it's part of my life and it's a subject I think many people are curious about. 

Garnier BB Cream Review

Hiya! Today I want to talk to you about the Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector (Light). I first discovered this when I received a sample in a magazine in the UK, I believe it was Glamour and I was so curious that I tried it, although usually I don’t try on those samples. I must say that it was love at first sight! I absolutely adore the way my face looks like and feels after applying the BB cream. I went online at and purchased mine for £6.66 , which I think it's a reasonable price. There are two shades of this BB Cream – light and medium, I got light because of the obvious reasons :P and it suits my skin tone (mostly in the summer..)
         The packaging is quite nice - a gold 50ml tube with a flip top lid so it’s very safe (I don’t think it can be opened by accident) and it’s easy to control the quantity of the product you want to get out of it through the little round hole. On the box they tell us what the BB Cream is supposed to do:
·   Evens tone
·   Blurs lines & imperfections
·   Boosts healhy glow
·   24H Hydration
·   UV protection – SPF 15
Now let me tell you my opinion. I find that it really evens out my skin tone, and I look healthy and glowing, it is kind of hydrating and I think that it’s good for those moments when you feel you can’t possibly go out with “that face” :)) but you have to, and you feel so much better after applying the BB Cream. You must’ve had some days like that! I know I do, and if I don’t have the time to do my make-up (or I’m just going shopping or something) I just apply this quickly, put on a coat of mascara and a tinted lip balm or something and I’m good to go. You can see from the pictures below the kind of coverage that it offers.

All in all I really like the Garnier BB Cream and I think it will be great to wear in the summer because it offers UV protection and it lets your skin breathe. I’m curious about the staying power in the summer with the heat and all… now, in the winter it stays on my face without needing to touch up for many hours.
Have you tried any BB Creams? What do you think about them?

NOTD - Mavala Black Oyster

Yay, so this is my first nail post ^^ You must know that I'm not much of a nail polish junkie :P I don't keep my nails in the same shape every time, sometimes they're round, sometimes they're square, but most of the times they're long! I don't go to a salon to get my nails done because I like to have my own ritual... I've never had false nails, acrylics, gels or anything, I like to keep them natural, even if they'll never be so "perfect" as artificial ones, but I must say that I'm attracted to the semi-permanent nail polish, or gelish, because I've heard that it lasts 3 to 4 weeks without chipping or cracking. It seems like a good idea when you travel and don't have the time to do your nails if they smudge or anything or you don't find the space in your suitcase to bring nail polish, a nail polish remover and so on. However, I know that you have to go back to the salon to have your gelish removed so that is a bit of a bother.. and if the nails somehow get ruined while you're on your vacation, you have to find a place there to remove them so...neaaah, I'll stick to my nail polishes.

Currently my nails look like this: 

When I look at the picture they look so messy, I'm sorry for that, I didn't quite took my time here..
This is Mavala - 163 Black Oyster which I borrowed from my sister :P - i love the micro silver glitter in it! And I just realised that I don't own a black nail polish anymore...hmm, I must do a shopping list ^^   

Do you use Mavala nail polishes? What are your favourite shades?

Get to know me better

 I promised to write more about the name of the blog so here it is :)
 For me this blog is one of “the new beginnings” in my life, as I'm just moving from Romania to England and I needed something to go to when I feel lonely or sad, because leaving my country means leaving my wonderful friends and family, leaving all the things that I know and am familiar with. I created the blog to make things easier to bare and as a chance to make new friends here and to share my experiences with people that are also going through what I’m going or with people from England who want to find out more about someone who comes from a different space and has different views on things. 
I love to travel and I think I've visited about 12 european countries so far (in about 7 years), but I never thought that I was going to move to another country until 6 months ago :) Until last March I've never even visited the UK nor did I ever wish to do it. I don't know why, but I always thought that I wouldn't like it there, being in love with Paris and all.. ^^ buuut...i couldn't have been more wrong! I loved England, I found the people to be nice, a bit colder than romanians, but that must be understandable, after all they don't know you, and if I met some stranger in a bar in Romania I could easily think that he is a psycho or something :)) just kidding..enough with the rambling.. Going back to the story, I went to visit East Anglia and after that, London. I must say that I liked Norwich more than London and I began to think about how beautiful it would be to live I began to talk to my boyfriend about it and not long after that I took him there and he also loved it so we said "let's do it!" :) so here we are, we're going to spend our first Christmas and New Year's in England and we're very excited about that :) I want to start some beauty courses, especially make-up, that's my passion since I was 13 yo. At that age I attended a modelling school and besides learning how to walk on a catwalk and stuff like that we also did some theoretical courses, so that's when I first learned about make-up and fashion and others. 
Later in life I attended The National University of Theatre and Film, studying scenography, and learning about fashion history and theatre make-up, etc. I left uni this year to move to England to have more opportunities and learn more about make-up. vbbbbbbgffffffff 
At this point my cat literally took over my laptop as if she were saying "why don't you write about me?". So my other love is Mao, my 4 and a half yo cat which likes to walk on my keyboard or sleep on my mouse :) or sleep anywhere, all day long, for that matter. I can't imagine my life without her.. I thought about adopting other cats but I don't know if they'll get along and I don't want my love to be stressed out :P so yeah, this blog is about everything I love the most in my life... :) I hope I'll make a good job so wish me luck ^^


Halloween make-up

This year I wanted to do something different for Halloween, I wanted a make-up that is not so used in Romania, so I decided to recreate a sugar skull (dia de los muertos skull). I bought some cheap black & white face paint because I didn’t have any and the other products I used were an old Max Factor red lipstick and black eyeliner pencil. After searching for some inspiration on the internet I finally decided to do a half-face make-up. What resulted looks like this:

It was my first attempt ever at something (which I thought would be) so difficult, as last year I wore a cat make-up, and the years before that i relied more on the costume :P
Because I was afraid I will be the only one wearing a costume at the party I attended, I decided to keep it safe so I just wore a black Bershka top and black Zara pants with cute flowers on them. I really wanted a flower head crown but I coudn't find one on time. These are some photos from the club I went to with my friends:    
So yeah, romanians are slowly adopting this tradition, year after year, more people go out with costumes or make-up for halloween, there are parties organized, the clubs are being decorated and they make special drinks for the occasion. I think it's fun and if you want to put on some scary/funny/weird costume you should be allowed to do it, at least once a year :)   
What costume or make-up did you choose this year? :)