How I Curl My Hair

I love to curl my hair from time to time, to get out of the rut. Usually I do it when there's a special occasion because I wear my hair straight every day so that's the way most people see me and I like to appear with something new or different. I used to curl it using hot curlers - kind of like the ones in the picture here (which reminds me, I should do a review on those ones, too, they are pretty good), but this Christmas I got the Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Hair Tong from Boots and it made my life so much easier. I literally curled my hair in 5 minutes before leaving out the door for the New Year's Eve party. It has an on/off button and +/- buttons to set the temperature (I use it at 190 degrees almost every time, it's my personal preference, but it goes up to 210) and I like the fact that it heats very very fast. It also came with the pouch you see in the picture below and I can easily transport it when I travel.

I currently wash my hair with the Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo (because I've dyed it recently) and after that I like to dry it with this rotating brush from Rowenta pictured above. Before I use heat on my hair I like to prep it with the TRESemmé Heat Defence styling spray which does a good job with that. After I curl all of my hair I spray a little bit of the VO5 give me texture throught it to give it that lived-in look. I finish everything off with the Schwarzkopf got2b 2 sexy big volume push up volumizing hairspray (oh yeah, I wanted to write all that names down, woohoo! :)) ). This is an ok hairspray, it doesn't leave my hair crispy or wet looking, but I can't say it's too volumizing..

 Here are the before and after pictures, I'm sorry the lighting in my house isn't very good :P these are the only shots I got to take before the sun hid behind the clouds - living in UK, what can you do... As you can see, my hair is kinda messy curled because I only took about 10 minutes to do it but I like it this way. Usually my curls last a day or two - max - because I have such long, fine hair.

I hope you enjoyed today's post, I don't think I talked about my hair on the blog before, I know I enjoyed doing it ^^

NOTD - Sinful Colors Envy

I've first seen the Sinful Colors nail polishes in Paris and I was impressed with the number of pretty shades that they have. After I did a bit of research on the brand I found out that it's also available in the UK, right at Boots, and the price is also a bit smaller than in France. The first shade I picked up was Envy (960) because I've always wanted a beautiful true green and I think it's suitable for spring/summer. The two coats I applied were enough to perfectly cover my nail but I must admit that I struggled a little bit to make them even. It's just a bit weird when you apply the second coat, maybe this polish is thicker than other ones. Other than that, they last pretty good on the nails and don't chip easily even if you cook / wash the dishes / clean the house, stuff like that :P I think I'm going to buy other colours, too, because they are just so pretty and cheap, it would be a shame not to... ^^



No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

A couple of weeks ago I had a voucher for 5£ off any NO7 skincare product at Boots so I wanted to take advantage of it and try something new. I came back home with the Hot Cloth Cleanser and I'm very pleased with my choice. This is now the first step in my evening skincare routine and it makes everything better :P It has a foamy/balmy consistency, you apply it on your dry face and then you take it off with the muslin cloth soaked in hot water. It's not drying but it doesn't leave any kind of greasy film on the face either. It just leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth. It takes off easily my mascara / any make-up without having to rub it in more than a few seconds. After I use this cleanser I use my Bioderma Sebium micellar water to remove any last bits of make-up which may have remained. I like the fact that it's a clear bottle and I can see how much I have left, but anyway I think this cleanser will last a long time, because I only use two pumps a day and it doesn't seem to get empty fast. I would recommend this cleanser to anyone because it's very effective and easy to use (and a good value for money, especially if you find it on offer like I did). If you know any products similar to this one let me know, because I love to try new (good) stuff ^^


Spring (Asos) Fashion Wishlist

I was browsing the ASOS website the other day and I found myself saving a lot of items to check back later. I've found a lot of beautiful clothes for warmer weather which I'd like to get so I thought I might share it with you and give you some ideas for colourful, fun outfits. There are links for every item on my list and surprisingly they are all ASOS' own brand.

 The first thing I chose is this beautiful floral mini dress which looks very flattering and I thought it would be great for a summer wedding (I have one coming up).

 Another piece that I think is essential for spring / summer is a playsuit. I love the kimono sleeves because this way you're a bit covered up (I don't like to have my legs, arms, chest, etc bare at the same time :P ).

 This is the kind of trouser I usually wear in the spring time, I have them in a lot of colours, but not this one. Yet! You can play them up or down, wear them with heels, flats or trainers and can look good any time.  

 I've seen a lot of such midi skirts practically everywhere, they are really trending now and I love a nice pastel piece.

 Shorts. Because it's warm(er) and you can. I don't normally wear shorts, but just look at how gorgeous these are! It was love at first sight ^^

 A casual quirky t-shirt is always nice (at least for me). I have a weird fashion taste, don't I? :)) 

 Last but not least, a little heel ^^ I don't know why it has gotten into my head that I am very tall and I can't wear high heels (I'm 1,73m or 5'8"ish). I'm probably not that tall but anyway, when I saw these shoes I thought they might work for me and they would look good with a lot of clothes, being nude and simple. 

 So these are some of my picks, I hope you I inspired you a little bit, leave me a comment and tell me what you think or if I there are any other essential things I need to add to my wardrobe this spring. See you next time! :P


3 looks with Rimmel Apocalips

Hello! Today I wanted to show you my favourite ways to wear the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers and I have the shades Luna, Celestial and Stellar. I love this product, it's very versatile, it looks great during the day but equally appropriate on a night out. Its consistency is perfect, very smooth and creamy, it doesn't go streaky on the lips or bleed outside the contour, the applicator has like a little hole in the middle which accumulates the perfect quantity of product that covers both of the lips. The only thing I don't like about them is the smell, which no one warned me about. I don't know how to describe it, it just smells pretty scent :P I wouldn't suggest you go out to eat/drink wearing this, because it's not the most long lasting of products, but if you don't mind reapplying it from time to time it's ok. Here are the looks I've created with the 3 shades I have so far, I hope you find this useful :)

I think this look is very fresh and appropriate for spring, I usually don't wear this kind of colour on my lips but I'm starting to like it more this year. I've done a bit of contouring and highlighting to bring life to my "snow white" skin. 

This is what I wear almost on a daily basis, I kept the eyes simple, the rose colour on the lips is not too "in your face". I believe this would be a great first date make-up, too, looks a bit romantic to me :P  

This is the most simple (yet effective :P) look I wear for a night out. You can't go wrong with red lips and winged eyeliner :) 

Other products used: 
- Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation shade 100 Ivory
- Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer shade 1
- MUA Matte Perfect Loose Powder
- Fashionista Brow Kit
- Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal - Nude (look 1)
- MUA Blusher - shade 5 (look 1)
- H&M Blusher - Dazzling Peach (looks 2&3)
- Sleek Face Contour Kit Light (looks 1&3)
- E.L.F. 100 pc eyeshadow palette
- L'Oreal SuperLiner (look 3)
- L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara