NOTD - Mavala Black Oyster

Yay, so this is my first nail post ^^ You must know that I'm not much of a nail polish junkie :P I don't keep my nails in the same shape every time, sometimes they're round, sometimes they're square, but most of the times they're long! I don't go to a salon to get my nails done because I like to have my own ritual... I've never had false nails, acrylics, gels or anything, I like to keep them natural, even if they'll never be so "perfect" as artificial ones, but I must say that I'm attracted to the semi-permanent nail polish, or gelish, because I've heard that it lasts 3 to 4 weeks without chipping or cracking. It seems like a good idea when you travel and don't have the time to do your nails if they smudge or anything or you don't find the space in your suitcase to bring nail polish, a nail polish remover and so on. However, I know that you have to go back to the salon to have your gelish removed so that is a bit of a bother.. and if the nails somehow get ruined while you're on your vacation, you have to find a place there to remove them so...neaaah, I'll stick to my nail polishes.

Currently my nails look like this: 

When I look at the picture they look so messy, I'm sorry for that, I didn't quite took my time here..
This is Mavala - 163 Black Oyster which I borrowed from my sister :P - i love the micro silver glitter in it! And I just realised that I don't own a black nail polish anymore...hmm, I must do a shopping list ^^   

Do you use Mavala nail polishes? What are your favourite shades?

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