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 I promised to write more about the name of the blog so here it is :)
 For me this blog is one of “the new beginnings” in my life, as I'm just moving from Romania to England and I needed something to go to when I feel lonely or sad, because leaving my country means leaving my wonderful friends and family, leaving all the things that I know and am familiar with. I created the blog to make things easier to bare and as a chance to make new friends here and to share my experiences with people that are also going through what I’m going or with people from England who want to find out more about someone who comes from a different space and has different views on things. 
I love to travel and I think I've visited about 12 european countries so far (in about 7 years), but I never thought that I was going to move to another country until 6 months ago :) Until last March I've never even visited the UK nor did I ever wish to do it. I don't know why, but I always thought that I wouldn't like it there, being in love with Paris and all.. ^^ buuut...i couldn't have been more wrong! I loved England, I found the people to be nice, a bit colder than romanians, but that must be understandable, after all they don't know you, and if I met some stranger in a bar in Romania I could easily think that he is a psycho or something :)) just kidding..enough with the rambling.. Going back to the story, I went to visit East Anglia and after that, London. I must say that I liked Norwich more than London and I began to think about how beautiful it would be to live I began to talk to my boyfriend about it and not long after that I took him there and he also loved it so we said "let's do it!" :) so here we are, we're going to spend our first Christmas and New Year's in England and we're very excited about that :) I want to start some beauty courses, especially make-up, that's my passion since I was 13 yo. At that age I attended a modelling school and besides learning how to walk on a catwalk and stuff like that we also did some theoretical courses, so that's when I first learned about make-up and fashion and others. 
Later in life I attended The National University of Theatre and Film, studying scenography, and learning about fashion history and theatre make-up, etc. I left uni this year to move to England to have more opportunities and learn more about make-up. vbbbbbbgffffffff 
At this point my cat literally took over my laptop as if she were saying "why don't you write about me?". So my other love is Mao, my 4 and a half yo cat which likes to walk on my keyboard or sleep on my mouse :) or sleep anywhere, all day long, for that matter. I can't imagine my life without her.. I thought about adopting other cats but I don't know if they'll get along and I don't want my love to be stressed out :P so yeah, this blog is about everything I love the most in my life... :) I hope I'll make a good job so wish me luck ^^

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