Braces. Brace yourselves!

    Hi guys! Todays' post is going to bit a bit different, as I will talk to you about getting braces and how that can change your life. I believe that this is a beauty-related topic because, of course, a beautiful and healthy smile matters a lot. If you ever thought about getting braces and never had the courage or you want to know what to expect when you get them you should read this, my own experience, which started a year ago!
    Before I got braces I had to get all the cavities & stuff done, I had to have a scaling done (they brush and clean the spaces in between your teeth very good etc, it's not painful) and after that I got pictures and X-rays and my orthodontist took a 3D model of my teeth so she can see from where she started and how the treatment is going. After that she put some elastics in between my molars to make some space for the rings that were going to be put in there. This phase hurt just a bit, it was more like a sensitivity.
    When I finally got my braces my teeth hurt for about 2 weeks. I couldn't eat anything solid, hard, etc. I was practically living on soup, mashed potatoes, yogurt..stuff like that. I was happy when the pain passed and I could eat again. Of course there are some restrictions like chewy candy because it gets stuck on the braces and it's annoying but nothing too major. I had to get an interdental brush and use it everyday. You can't clean your teeth good enough without one.
    Every month I have to go to for adjustments when they remove the little elastics and wires and put new ones. I usually get them coloured, each month a different colour, just so I don't get bored :P there are clear elastics, too, but they get yellow in time because of the food and drinks etc. 
    I got used to having braces and I love seeing the changes as the months pass by but I must say I can't wait to see my teeth again, without any parts of metal on them..
    I will get some photos up soon so you can see the changes so far. It is totally worth it and I would advise anyone to go for it because there are a lot of options today and some of them are practically invisible if you don't feel comfortable about it. I don't care if people think I'm too old to have braces, I have friends who got them at 27 yo or more and I just think about the moment I'll get them off and have a beautiful smile :) I don't know if I forgot to mention something, but if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them :) Sorry if this was a boring post but it's part of my life and it's a subject I think many people are curious about. 

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