Halloween make-up

This year I wanted to do something different for Halloween, I wanted a make-up that is not so used in Romania, so I decided to recreate a sugar skull (dia de los muertos skull). I bought some cheap black & white face paint because I didn’t have any and the other products I used were an old Max Factor red lipstick and black eyeliner pencil. After searching for some inspiration on the internet I finally decided to do a half-face make-up. What resulted looks like this:

It was my first attempt ever at something (which I thought would be) so difficult, as last year I wore a cat make-up, and the years before that i relied more on the costume :P
Because I was afraid I will be the only one wearing a costume at the party I attended, I decided to keep it safe so I just wore a black Bershka top and black Zara pants with cute flowers on them. I really wanted a flower head crown but I coudn't find one on time. These are some photos from the club I went to with my friends:    
So yeah, romanians are slowly adopting this tradition, year after year, more people go out with costumes or make-up for halloween, there are parties organized, the clubs are being decorated and they make special drinks for the occasion. I think it's fun and if you want to put on some scary/funny/weird costume you should be allowed to do it, at least once a year :)   
What costume or make-up did you choose this year? :) 

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