10 Favourite Items In My Wardrobe - Monochrome Spring Edit

Hello everyone! You can see from the title of this post what's it gonna be about so I won't repeat myself :P These are the 10 items I tend to reach to the most during spring. I didn't even realise that I own so many black and white clothes before I started writing this post ^^ Luckily they're "in" at the moment. But these are really my most worn items and they can be paired with other colourful and patterned pieces to create the perfect spring outfit. (I'm sorry some of the clothes are so creased...)

1. This is a blouse I got from H&M in Paris ages ago but I still love it and I think it's perfect for this spring, with the floral pattern and the shape of's very comfortable..and I also like the material, silky smooth ^^
2. This is a casual, off-white top, (also from H&M) that I usually wear with jeans. It has 3/4 sleeves and it's kind of short in the front but not too short (I don't think I look good in crop tops :P), the soft material is lovely and perfect for the weather we're having.

3. This is another blouse I love, I bought it a few months ago from New Look and I got a lot of wear out of it. I love the collar and the little sleeves, it's very flattering :) 
4. Another thing I got from New Look, a black dress with white bows.. as if I didn't have enough black dresses yet ^^ I wore it on my last birthday and it was very comfortable, I felt really good in it.

5. A basic piece from H&M, my black knee-length skirt which I wear every time I'm not sure what to wear :)) I wear it with everything,'s so versatile. Everyone should have a black pencil skirt..
6. This is also from H&M and I throw it over everything when I'm a bit cold. I love its shape and the fact that it doesn't have any buttons or anything. The only thing I don't like is that the material creases like crazy. I iron it and I can't wear it for 5 minutes before it's ruined again. Oh, well...

7. This jacket is one of my latest acquisitions from Primark. Perfect for spring, I wear it with a white top, black pants and high heels like in the post here or a pink top, jeans and flat sandals to dress down...there are a lot of possibilities :) 
8. These trousers are from Zara and I stalked them for some time until I caved when I saw them in Paris and brought them home. I cheated a bit because they're not exactly monochrome but eh, whatcha gonna do? :P I love the faux leather bit at the waist. There's one thing I don't understand...when I wear them everybody says that they're tights. Why? They don't look like tights to me, they're very much trousers, made from trouser material, with pockets and zips and everything :))

9. I had to choose some denim items, because I wear denim all the time, I couldn't leave them out. These are my Ralph Lauren jeans which I love so much, they're like 3/4 in length and they are such a good fit...easily my favourite pair of jeans ever.
10. Sort of a new addition to my wardrobe, this Stradivarius shirt I got in Paris.. I've always wanted a denim shirt and I found the perfect one. I might do a post to show you how I style it.  
I like to be warm so you might notice that I don't wear very revealing clothes yet...the perfect temperature for me would be about 25°C (or above) so until that weather comes I will leave the short skirts, shorts, camis and stuff like that in storage. I haven't yet experienced a summer in the UK, but I hope it's not too cold...but I guess I won't be missing the 40°C+ in Romania either :P 

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you didn't...well I promise the summer edit will be much more colourful than this one! :P

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