A spring haul - Part 3: Fashion

Hi! I have finally got to the last part of my haul and I can't wait to show you these things. These are all stuff that you can probably still find in stores, if you see something you like  here and want to get it for yourself :P It's not a big haul but I love all the things I got, some are kind of essential items, you'll see, black shoes, black let's dive in!

New Look - £10 (on sale from £20)                                     H&M £13
The first shoes are these stiletto type black suede ones from New Look. They have pretty high heels but I love that, they're comfortable to me, I am used to wearing heels ever since I was 13 (when I went to modelling school), no problems there. I got them in the size 5 (38) which is my usual size and they fit very well. I am saying this because the next shoes, from H&M, are a size 4 (37) and they fit perfectly, so something happened there...I have a lot of shoes from H&M and they are all in the size 5 so I don't know what's up with that. Buuut anyway, I was lucky because they were the only pair in that store so of course I grabbed them and ran for the hills (or tills, same thing :P). I can't wait to wear them..all summer long..with everything.. ^^ 

Moving on, I got this beautiful (if I may say so) black leather look skirt from Asos and I really hoped it would fit so I don't have to return it, because I was obsessed with it from the moment I've discovered it on the website...I was so happy when it arrived and it was perfect, like it was made for me. They also had it in white, and I loved the look of that one as well, but I don't think that they had my size (which is 8). The next thing was this t-shirt from New Look with kind of an etnic orange and blue pattern on it. It was on sale for £6 and I couldn't leave it there, it fits really nice and I think I would wear it at a festival with some denim shorts. I like it a lot!

The other item from New Look is this black strappy jumpsuit which was £23. I would wear this on a night out with heels, a statement necklace and a clutch in a bold colour (like the orange one in the picture below :P).

As you can see, I got a bit wild with the bags this spring ^^ I've never had colourful bags before, I usually buy black or brown bags to go with everything, so I thought I would give these a try. I am so in love with the purple-ish pink cross body bag from Asos (actually they call it "cerise"), I would wear it everyday. It's kind of small but it fits all the essentials in, I don't need a bigger bag to carry all the useless junk with me everyday :P I love that it has the pocket in the front, where I can keep my phone, for easier access. My second favourite is the coral/orange clutch from Dorothy Perkins. I only paid £6 for this one and it looks awesome. I wish the colour would show better in the picture, it's beautiful. I like how it closes with the magnet. The blue bag has the same system as well (obviously), but you can fit a bit more stuff in it and it has a long strap. This one was £7 and I actually got it for my mom, she has a pair of blue suede court shoes to match, but I will probably end up using the bag more than her :P

Hope you enjoyed my 3-part spring haul! Tell me if you would like to see more haul posts in the future, because I sure love doing them ^^


  1. Love the leather skirt and black heals really pretty Lucy

  2. I like the black heals from new look.. ;)

  3. I absolutely love that shirt!
    the jumpsuit is gorgeous, too

    TooClothesForComfort xx