L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara Review!

Look what I got! 

This was an unexpected surprise! I won all these in an Instagram competition from Superdrug and I couldn't be happier. I was really curious about the new Mega Volume Miss Manga mascara and I'm glad that now I can review it for you!

This is what the brush looks like, I think it's really nice, it grabbes all the lashes and covers them in a thick coat of mascara. I don't need more than one coat and I think if you like to wear more that one coat this mascara might make your lashes clump together. It's really black and my lashes look separated and long. I wouldn't say that it's really a manga effect, but my eyes look nice. I don't know what's up with the wand tough, it can rotate 360 degrees but I don't know why you could need that, it doesn't really do anything while you're applying the mascara. Overall I am satisfied with it, it doesn't smudge or flake or anything during the day. I even fell asleep on my couch yesterday afternoon wearing it and it was intact when I woke up! :P Here are some photos of my left eye - without mascara and the right eye - with mascara and Superliner Perfect Slim. 

The SuperLiner Perfect Slim is very nice, easy to use, made for a precise application (but you must have a steady hand!) and very black, you don't have to draw the line over and over again. It stays put for maaany hours but you can also take it off easily with any make-up remover. I would definitely repurchase this one! 
The SuperLiner blackbuster scares me a little bit because I don't usually do a very thick wing or anything, but I want to try and learn how to do that and..who knows, maybe I could pull it off ^^    

 You can find the Miss Manga Mascara at Superdrug for 8.99 pounds, the Superliner Perfect Slim and Blackbuster for 6.99 each.  
 What do you think? Did you get into the whole Miss Manga madness? :P


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