Primark and Asos Haul

Before I left to Paris I did some shopping and I forgot to show you what I got :P I always love to see these posts or youtube videos about Primark hauls to see what I could find there before I go shopping ^^ I am usually pretty lucky to find some nice stuff in the shop and I can put together some outfits without breaking the bank. Here are my picks :) Excuse the headless shots, but let's say I was having a bad day :)) I couldn't show my face on the Internet like that :))

So in the first 4 pictures everything is from Primark (including the Super Cozy tights!-they're so soooft). Every item was about 5 pounds (!), except for the pink shirt which I bought like a year ago and just put it on for that picture :P In the 5th picture the pants are from Asos and you can find those here (sorry for the bad picture). I fell in love from the first time I saw them and I stalked them for about a month before I could get my hands on them. The red coat is this one and I got it because I just really wanted a new coat, and I didn't want to get one like everybody else, I don't think I look good in a boyfriend coat or whatever people wear these days :P so I chose this.. and they also have it in black or navy blue but I already have a black coat and I wanted to get out of the..monotony :P

That's is about it, I hope to resist the temptation of going to Primark again anytime soon because I already have too much clothes... Oh, I forgot to show you the pyjama that I got, it's so sweet.. I love their pyjamas <3
If you have posts like these please leave your links below because I love to see what other people find in Primark and other similar shops :P


  1. Love the blue and white flower dress! Some gorgeous picks!
    Great post :)
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