Collection (2000) Lipsticks Review

Today I'm going to tell you about my relationship with the Collection Lasting Colour Lipsticks. It all started a few months ago when I was looking around Superdrug to repurchase my then favourite lipstick, the Maybelline Color Sensational in the shade 422 - Coral Tonic, but I couldn't find it. So I checked the other brands and there it was, the same beautiful colour under a different name - Collection Lasting Colour's shade 14 - Mango Tango. I didn't know much about this brand, it was cheap so I said..hey, what can go wrong? I have nothing to lose if I don't like it, my Maybelline will forgive me. Oh, but I did like it! And we could always be seen together since then. The Collection lipstick was a bit more glossy than the Maybelline one but that was ok. I can't say that the staying power was the best, but at that price I didn't expect it, and I didn't mind reapplying it from time to time. A few weeks ago I remembered about how I first met this lipstick so I went to see if there are other shades in this range who look that good and I managed to find other two that I like.

    Sweet Tart and Vintage Rose were my choices. They are as pigmented and creamy and nice as my first crush and I love them. I've never had such a pink lipstick like Sweet Tart and it was out of my comfort zone but now I find myself reaching for it quite often. When I picked up the other one, Vintage Rose, I don't know why I thought it was a nude colour because obviously it's much more than that, a muted pinky brown which looks very nice on my lips & with my fair complexion. Here are some more photos & swatches.

   All in all I really like these lipsticks and they prove that you can find decent quality at decent prices :P I recommend these lipsticks if you want to experiment with more colours, to do some fun and creative looks without breaking the bank. What do you think? Have you tried them yet? :)

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