Spring trip to sunny Bucharest

Hiiii! I'm back from Romania, I had to go there for a few days and I couldn't blog so I tried to make the best of the trip, going out and meeting a lot of friends, especially that the weather was so beautiful! Before resuming to my regular beauty posts I wanted to show you a bit of my home town in case you are curious :P On the day I took these pictures I went with some friends for a walk in three different parks in the centre of Bucharest.

Izvor Park - Palace of Parliament
View of the street from the Military Academy
The old "Radio House" now being demolished
Dambovita river
The park near the Bucharest National Opera

Hopefully I won't be absent anymore from my blog because I really missed it and I will try to get myself into a routine so you guys know exactly when I'll be posting new stuff, but I will probably write once every 2 or 3 days. I am preparing a lot of exciting stuff, so stay tuned! :P 

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