Spring (Asos) Fashion Wishlist

I was browsing the ASOS website the other day and I found myself saving a lot of items to check back later. I've found a lot of beautiful clothes for warmer weather which I'd like to get so I thought I might share it with you and give you some ideas for colourful, fun outfits. There are links for every item on my list and surprisingly they are all ASOS' own brand.

 The first thing I chose is this beautiful floral mini dress which looks very flattering and I thought it would be great for a summer wedding (I have one coming up).

 Another piece that I think is essential for spring / summer is a playsuit. I love the kimono sleeves because this way you're a bit covered up (I don't like to have my legs, arms, chest, etc bare at the same time :P ).

 This is the kind of trouser I usually wear in the spring time, I have them in a lot of colours, but not this one. Yet! You can play them up or down, wear them with heels, flats or trainers and can look good any time.  

 I've seen a lot of such midi skirts practically everywhere, they are really trending now and I love a nice pastel piece.

 Shorts. Because it's warm(er) and you can. I don't normally wear shorts, but just look at how gorgeous these are! It was love at first sight ^^

 A casual quirky t-shirt is always nice (at least for me). I have a weird fashion taste, don't I? :)) 

 Last but not least, a little heel ^^ I don't know why it has gotten into my head that I am very tall and I can't wear high heels (I'm 1,73m or 5'8"ish). I'm probably not that tall but anyway, when I saw these shoes I thought they might work for me and they would look good with a lot of clothes, being nude and simple. 

 So these are some of my picks, I hope you I inspired you a little bit, leave me a comment and tell me what you think or if I there are any other essential things I need to add to my wardrobe this spring. See you next time! :P

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