No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

A couple of weeks ago I had a voucher for 5£ off any NO7 skincare product at Boots so I wanted to take advantage of it and try something new. I came back home with the Hot Cloth Cleanser and I'm very pleased with my choice. This is now the first step in my evening skincare routine and it makes everything better :P It has a foamy/balmy consistency, you apply it on your dry face and then you take it off with the muslin cloth soaked in hot water. It's not drying but it doesn't leave any kind of greasy film on the face either. It just leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth. It takes off easily my mascara / any make-up without having to rub it in more than a few seconds. After I use this cleanser I use my Bioderma Sebium micellar water to remove any last bits of make-up which may have remained. I like the fact that it's a clear bottle and I can see how much I have left, but anyway I think this cleanser will last a long time, because I only use two pumps a day and it doesn't seem to get empty fast. I would recommend this cleanser to anyone because it's very effective and easy to use (and a good value for money, especially if you find it on offer like I did). If you know any products similar to this one let me know, because I love to try new (good) stuff ^^


  1. I love this! It's my favourite hot cloth cleanser, just finishing up my second bottle and already repurchased :)

    1. :) I'll probably end up repurchasing it, too!