NOTD - Sinful Colors Envy

I've first seen the Sinful Colors nail polishes in Paris and I was impressed with the number of pretty shades that they have. After I did a bit of research on the brand I found out that it's also available in the UK, right at Boots, and the price is also a bit smaller than in France. The first shade I picked up was Envy (960) because I've always wanted a beautiful true green and I think it's suitable for spring/summer. The two coats I applied were enough to perfectly cover my nail but I must admit that I struggled a little bit to make them even. It's just a bit weird when you apply the second coat, maybe this polish is thicker than other ones. Other than that, they last pretty good on the nails and don't chip easily even if you cook / wash the dishes / clean the house, stuff like that :P I think I'm going to buy other colours, too, because they are just so pretty and cheap, it would be a shame not to... ^^


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