Boots & Superdrug haul

    Of course I couldn't let winter sales to go by without stopping at Boots so I grabbed some goodies and today I'm going to show you what I got :)
    First of all I wanted to try out the Biore Deep Cleansing pore strips and I bought the Combo with 7 nose strips & 7 face strips. I've heard about them on Zoella's Youtube channel but I had no idea how amazing they are! They changed my life! It's like I had a revelation :)) They get out every single blackhead you have. My mother used them first and she couldn't believe it..after so many years of cosmetic treatments that didn't work..she was amazed by what these strips can do! You just stick a strip onto your wet nose or chin or wherever you want, let it dry for 10-15 minutes then peel it off and be amazed by the results! ^^ I bought them when they were like 50% discounted, I'm sorry I didn't get more boxes. 

    Next on my shopping list were the Boots Extract Cocoa Butter Body Lotion, Body Wash and Sugar Scrub which came in a pretty wash bag - I think they still have them on the website - for 7 pounds. I just love how they smell (that's why I bought them).

    The next thing is a Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in shade 1 - Fair. Yeah, I know everybody raves about it, and they are right. I love it, too :P Great coverage and everything..

    Another curiosity that I had was the Sanctuary Spa Body Moisture Spray because I have very dry skin in the winter and I've seen some reviews about this saying it's nice and hydrating and I like the spray form :P I have to use it more to make an opinion about it..

    I got some..hygiene stuff, too - a Dove Go Fresh Anti-Perspirant Deodorant with pomegranate & lemon verbena scent - I love the smell and it's very good, it lasts a lot, probably not 48h like it says on it but I wouldn't stay that much without washing so it doesn't matter :)) . The second thing is a Listerine Stay White Mouthwash. It says that it keeps teeth whiter (i almost wrote "white teether" :)) ) but I can't tell if there's a difference from using it. The taste is minty and ok, not too strong, like other flavours.
    This is about everything I got this time..I think it would be much easier if I made videos when I do this kind of posts and the words would flow more naturally but I can't convince myself to talk in front of the whole Internet yet ^^ What do you think? Should I make videos? :)


  1. The collection concealer is GREAT!
    On the other hand I really don't like the B'iore strips, they don't work at all foe me =[
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    1. Did you try to remove the strips when they were completely dry and stiff? The first time I used one I removed it too early and it didn't clean too much, but the second time I let it dry more and even though it kinda hurt a bit it took everything out..! :)