Planning a trip

   Hi! I'm leaving to Romania tomorrow for a week and I've just finished packing my luggage, so what better time to write a post about planning a trip than now!? :D
    When I am about to go on a trip I am obsessed with lists. Well, I like to make lists for practically anything, but these are very useful lists - you don't want to forget important stuff at home, do you?! So, first things first, you have to think about your destination, how many days are you going to be away and how will the weather be like. I've heard it's going to snow in Bucharest in the next few days so I'll be sure to pack some gloves, a hat and a scarf. 
   In my suitcase (checked-in baggage) I always put the larger/heavier items at the bottom, and the fragile things (perfume bottles, etc) in the middle, between the clothes so they don't get broken or anything - I've seen how the men at the airport handle the suitcases, it's not pretty! :P I always think about whole outfits I want to wear and don't take random clothes from the wardrobe to avoid over-packing. I almost always end up visiting some shops and buying some new clothes on my trips anyway. Regarding folding or rolling the clothes, I don't have a preferred method, I alternate between the two. If you roll your clothes very tight they don't even crease and they take up very little space so this should be the winner but I don't find the patience to do so :P My boyfriend taught me another thing, to put the socks in the shoes so they keep their shape and you don't waste any space :) and of course put the shoes in plastic bags or something to avoid getting germs on your clothes, but I hope I didn't need to tell you that! 
   I always put my valuables in my hand luggage - phone, camera, chargers, money, documents, jewelry, watches - everything! I don't think it's safe to leave any of that in the checked baggage because it might get lost. Besides those things you of course have to put your liquids in the 1L zip-lock bag - I get my shower gel, scrub, body lotion, face creams, make-up remover, etc in travel-size bottles. I never take toothpaste or mouthwash with me just because I can get those from any shop when I get to the destination.

    Some final tips:

  • if your clothes get wrinkles and you don't have an ironing machine leave them on a hanger in the bathroom when you shower, the steam will make them wearable again
  • accessorize! you can always get some scarfs, belts or statement jewelry (they take up so little space) that can change an outfit from day to night.
  • wear big, heavy items on you in the plane (you can guess why)
  • leave some space for gifts/souvenirs, etc. It would be a shame to have to leave something behind.. :P
  • think about anything you might be doing on vacation and pack accordingly, you know, the essential bathing suit, flip flops and sunglasses if you might go to the beach (yeah, some people go the the beach in the winter and I wish I was one of them :)) )  
  • last but not least, wear sunscreen!
Hope you enjoyed my post, a lot of rambling and no pictures, sorry... but I promise it will be followed by a post full of pictures! See you next week! <3

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