What's in my bag (!?)

I really like to read this kind of posts so I thought I'd do one myself. So here it is :P I like to clean up my bag once in a while so I don't carry around old candy wrappers or used tissues & stuff like that ^^ Regarding the receipts, I used to have kind of an obsession with keeping all of them and I tried to give it up so yeah, I recycle paper, that's why I don't have too much now :P I sometimes change my bag to match my outfits so sometimes there are less things in my bag, and sometimes there are more :P I could have a book or a magazine in there when I'm on the train / subway / plane, a pair of flats when I go out wearing heels and have no idea when I'm coming back home, a scarf, etc :P

 My bag is s.Oliver and I can't even remember how many years ago I bought it. From top left to bottom right there are:
- my pink Panasonic RP-DJS400 headphones which I bought from Paris a couple of years ago
- my NaviGo pass for the metro in Paris, I'll be needing that soon :P
- my old Volcom wallet with cards, driving licence, id, pictures of my boyfriend and best friend, dentist appointment, receipts, money, etc. I have bought a nice new wallet from Primark like a year ago but I can't say goodbye to this one yet..
- Haribo Tangfastics. I love them. Can't live without them.
- orthodontic wax for the braces;
- Romanian money - I'm going to use them next week :P
- a doughnut thingy for my hair. I think I got it from H&M, can't really remember.
- natural alum stone deodorant bought from Paris (for when I don't sleep at home)
- Sanctuary Spa hand cream - essential for winter;
- L'Occitane lipstick from the Fleur Cherie collection, i love it!
- my phone with the flamingo case <3
- the headphones that came with my phone - never used them so far :))
- a little notepad that my sister bought for me from New York where I write all my ideas
- the reading glasses which I got from Paris like 2-3 years ago
- gum. receipts. tissues.
- a little mirror which I think it was also a gift from my sister.
- Clarins ultra-matte rebalancing lotion;
- sunglasses (black ones - Primark, animal print ones - H&M)
- (New Look?) necklace, bobby pin, hairbands, Maybelline Forever Strong nail polish;
- snowman hair clip something, a ring, home keys, pen, gold headband from Primark. 

I'm so sorry for the quality of the picture. I wanted to put another picture, but i don't know why (I'm new to blogger, you know) it keeps rotating, and they show it upside down so I can't post the picture I want, it's so frustrating, I can't find the answer.. do you have any suggestions?!

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