E.L.F 100pc eyeshadow pallete review & swatches

As I promised, I came back with some swatches for you! This is the super affordable 100pc eyeshadow palette from E.L.F! It is so nice! I like the case a lot, seems resistant and there is even a good mirror on the inside. Most of the colours are usable, not too weird, and you can experiment a lot with this. There are matte and shimmery shadows, I didn't find them chalky as I saw in other reviews of this palette and I use them with the E.L.F eyelid primer underneath which really makes the colours vibrant. If you are just starting to experiment with make-up this is a good option for you.

Left: with flash. Right: without flash - daylight.
Left: close-up. Right: random swatches without & with primer.

2nd row top and bottom
1st, 3rd and 4th row
5th row, top and bottom

6th and 7th row
8th and 9th row
last row bottom and top

So yeah guys, these are a few swatches, I wanted to show a few different shades (and not the ones that are too similar to each other). You can purchase this on the E.L.F website for £15 so I think it's worth it. Have you used this palette? Do you like it?

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